40-Year Recertification

40 Year Re-Certification Inspection

We’ve all known someone who, once they have reached “middle age”, avoid getting a physical or even talking about going to get a thorough medical examination. There are many reasons that people have for this middle age aversion. The primary one being: “What if they find something wrong with me?”

This same line of reasoning seems to be the case for property owners who avoid or find a myriad of reasons to delay getting their 40 Year Re-certification Inspection.

There are so many compelling reasons to complete a 40 Year Re-certification inspection that, like people avoiding a thorough medical exam, it is difficult to rationalize a downside.

By completing your 40 Year Re-certification inspection you are not just complying with a bureaucratic requirement; you are satisfying necessary insurance information (as well as potential claims); assuring potential purchasers in the future; and most importantly, satisfying yourself as to the health of what may be the largest investment in your lifetime.

Consider this: If you are going to purchase an older property how important would it be to you that it have a valid Re-certification Certificate? If you wish to re-mortgage your older property or re-finance personally, how important is that certificate to a bank? If you are shopping for an insurance provider how important will it be for you to have a Re-certification Certificate? What if you need to make an insurance claim and have not fulfilled your inspection obligation?

Okay – you get the picture. You don’t need to be hit over the head.

Let’s get down to the “nitty gritty” of a 40 Year Re-certification Inspection. It has been our experience that 99% of inspections have an outcome resulting in a passing grade. The inspections, which are completed by specially trained professionals, are primarily visual in nature and are as non-invasive as possible. This comprehensive inspection covers everything from foundations to roofs and provides a comprehensive snapshot of the state of health of your property. If, in some cases necessary repairs are required, you will be told the reasons for this and how best to remedy the situation. Often these repairs may be minor in nature, but if left unchecked, have the effect of escalating into a progression of problems that could become really significant.

Like the middle aged person who finds reassurance along with peace of mind after finally going in for a physical examination, the property owner who obtains a 40 Year Re-certification okay is often reassured that his/her property investment is indeed still viable and sound.

The famous American author Mark Twain once said: “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

If you are worried that you cannot afford to have a required 40 Year Re-certification Inspection performed, then it may be appropriate to ask yourself this question: “Can I afford not to have this inspection completed?”

Enough said!