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Recertification Inspection Proposal




Owner Name:                                                             


  • Electrical and Structural component Inspection as per city forms.
  • Illumination Section 8C-3 – Parking lot lighting & Guard Rail certification (for Miami-Dade County Only)
  • Photographs demonstrating current condition during field Inspection.
  • Compliance Letter Signed and Sealed Once All Inspection Criteria Are Meet.
  • Itemized list of repair’s required with photo indication. (Only if Repairs are needed)
  • Cost Estimation of repairs.
    Note: Section 8C-3 is NOT required in Broward or Palm Beach County nor is it required if there is no “off-street parking” provided.

We would need inspection access to virtually all the interiors’ areas of the building such as: Roof, Mechanical Room, Electrical Rooms, Kitchen, Egress, Balconies, Common areas and the units. This access would be to verify the Electrical and Structural criteria for all the individual spaces within the building.


The report will be on county/municipality mandated forms and will include: Covering Letter, Structural Report, Electrical Report, Parking Lot Lighting Report( if applicable) and Field Photographs. All signed and sealed by a Licensed Professional Engineer


100% Due at Completion of Field Inspection
(Make checks out to: Souffront Construction or Souffront Engineering)

1-2 Business Days of On-site Field Inspection
10 Business days for report delivery to the client.

Insurance & Liability
We carry a 1 Million Dollar General Liability Insurance Policy.

Optional Add-On Service

Delivery & Submission: of 40/50 Year Building Recertification Safety Report to your local building department: $300.00.
If you choose to have our firm submit your report to your local building department please have the check for the city ready at the time of initial inspection.
Construction Management Services:

  • Property site-plan Illustrating existing structures and common areas, highlighting all repairs required.
  • A detailed report that includes all required and recommend repairs, for the use of bidding and estimating by vendors.
  • Provide a list of qualified vendors for required construction divisions ( e.x. Electrical contractors, concrete repair contractors..etc.)
  • Review submitted bids by vendors.
  • Final review with board and management on the preferred bidder and to make sure they have all of the necessary requirements before commencement such as Insurance, performance bonding.
  • Project walk-thru with awarded vendors.
  • Engineering certification for work that will be done by this preferred vendor on all of the violations.
  • City inspection coordination.

Construction Plans & Permitting: Compose construction drawings illustrating existing conditions and proposed repairs required as per the 40-year report. This is required if repairs are needed to be performed. Drawings are reviewed by the local building department and used for proper construction practice

*HOA/Board Member/Resident Presentation: Cover inspection process and Scope of Work outline. Call for more information


Time Period. This Proposal is valid for a period of thirty business days.
Reserved Right. The fee quoted herein is largely based on preliminary project information furnished by the Client. SC&E reserves the right to revoke said proposed fee if new information with a significant impact on the scope of work becomes available after a contract agreement has been reached.
Payment Due. Payments are due upon rendition of services, as specified in the billing schedule contained under this Proposal.
Capacity. The individual executing this Contract, if acting on behalf of a partnership, corporation, or funding agency, represents that he/she has the authority and capacity to do so.
Limitation of Liability. In recognition of the relative risks and benefits of the Project to both the Client and SC&E , the risks have been allocated such that the Client agrees, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to limit the liability of SC&E for any and all claims, losses, costs, damages of any nature or claims expenses from any cause or causes, including attorneys’ fees and costs.
Claim(s). SC&E services under this Proposal are performed solely for the Client’s benefit and no other entity shall have any claim against SC&E .
Final Certification Provision. SC&E  will issue final certification and endorsement only for projects in which SC&E has observed the work in progress. This provision applies to SC&E and its sub consultants alike.
Document Possession. Any and all plans, reports, and other such supporting documents produced as part of this project remain in the control and possession of SC&E
Additional copies. SC&E  will provide the Client with One copy of the letter and inspection report. If extra copies are requested by the Client pleas request.
Termination. SC&E and client has the sole right to terminate this Agreement with or without cause.
Default in Payment. If the Client fails to make payments when due and SC&E incurs any costs in order to collect overdue sums from the Client, the Client agrees to immediately become due and payable to SC&E .
Certification.  Projects requiring final Certification by the Engineer will not be certified by SC&E unless SC&E is contracted to observe the work in progress.
Time Allocation. The time for the scope of work (Task IDs) are only estimates, based on previous SC&E’s experience and expertise.

Client Acceptance of Proposal

This is our confidential quote for you and your firm, and it will not be divulged or discussed with any other party without your explicit written permission.

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Signed by John Souffront
Signed On: June 8, 2018

40 Year Recertification Inspection https://souffrontengineering.com
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