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Infrared Thermography Testing Techniques: Top Techniques to Know

Today’s blog will discuss the different infrared thermography testing techniques and the benefits and limitations of infrared thermography. If you are not well-versed with infrared thermography and want to learn more, it’s best to check out this blog. It explains infrared thermography in-depth, ensuring even first-time learners understand it. But if you are aware of it,


Infrared Thermometer: Here’s What You Must Know (2022 Guide)

An Introduction to Infrared Thermometer An infrared thermometer (also referred to as a non contact thermometer) is a device that monitors a subject’s surface temperature by analyzing its thermal radiation levels. In industrial settings, as well as during a number of situations, IR thermometers are more prevalent because it might be risky or difficult to


Infrared Thermography: An Exclusive Guide That You’ll Need (2022)

The oil and gas sector extensively uses infrared thermography as an inspection tool for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. However, the fact that infrared technology does not need to be in physical contact with the piece of machinery that needs monitoring confers several benefits over the more conventional methods of visual inspection and other methods.


Design Build Construction vs General Construction: A 2022 Guide

General Construction vs Design Build Construction: Do you ever wonder how a vacant plot of the ground came to hold a complete building when you saw a retail center, hospital, or school? Everyday structures that we see have a complex construction process going on behind the scenes. It starts with design, then bidding, and finally


Here’s How Surfside Condo Collapse Brought About The Latest Changes To 40-Year Recertification Inspections

The partial collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Florida, in 2021 had shaken the entire United States and many other countries, raising the topic of whether or not poor governance played a factor in the tower’s failure. The 40-year recertification inspections were underway while this incident took place. Is it because the condo board


A Comprehensive Guide To Home Foundation Inspection 

A foundation inspection is something you must conduct for your home.  As your home gets older, it is sure to develop structural problems, and that can wreak havoc if left unchecked.  The strength of your building depends on its foundation, which means you need to have a sound base.  You see, no matter how solid

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