Concrete Waterproofing Is Essential In Florida

Unless it is coming out of a faucet on demand, you don’t want water in your building. Concrete waterproofing is an important part of your structural integrity because before you even see any leaks, it could be having a fairly devastating impact on your building.

Waterproofing Concrete Floors In New Buildings

The Sunshine State is notorious for its tropical rains, storms, and the fact that quite a lot of the state is built on a swamp. This already puts property owners in Florida at a significant disadvantage when it comes to water and foundations. This is why waterproofing concrete floor & foundation is one of the most essential services we provide here at Souffront.

Waterproofing Repair On Your Structure

When water gets into the soil surrounding your foundation it begins building pressure. It can lead to serious flaws and cracks in your foundation walls. Poor concrete waterproofing can cause urgent safety issues. Even the ground underneath your structure can begin to move if proper care and quality work is not invested in preventing uneven settling and poor drainage. This will lead to cracks on the exterior of your structure, sloping issues, and even cracks throughout the interior of your house.

Types Of Waterproof Concrete Crack Sealer Remedies We Offer

Of all the waterproofing repair companies you could choose, we can guarantee that with Souffront, you will get the best solution to any of your waterproof concrete sealer problems.

Cementitious Waterproofing

The cement coating is applied to cracks on flooring, walls, and other surfaces. When dry, the cement effectively fills cracks that may be prone to leaks.

Liquid Waterproofing

This type of waterproofing is more suited for use in commercial buildings. When applied to construction materials, the liquid turns into a rubbery coating that offers a high level of flexibility. It is also UV resistant and versatile, allowing the product to set easily on a wide range of materials. It can also be built up in certain areas to ensure adequate coverage.

Bitumen-Based Waterproofing

Made with a unique blend of high-quality bitumen mix and polymers, this waterproofing solution is very effective at keeping out water. Bitumen is highly elastic which means it can expand and contract without melting or cracking. It also has a high tolerance for both hot and cold temperatures.

Choose Us For A Hassle Free Concrete Waterproofing Experience

Certified Machinery

Every machine we use is HEPA-certified and virtually dust-free, which is usually the customer’s biggest concern. We are extremely cautious in using our materials and machinery while in your building.

Impeccable Prep Work

We start the process of prepping the floor by diamond grinding the surface. The floor prep is extremely important for the material adhesion so that the slab is ready to accept the waterproof overlay.

Waterproofing System Evaluation

Once Paradigm evaluates your floor, we will engineer a system for your specific needs to ensure waterproofing.

A Quick Conclusion

Each coating layer typically takes a full day and there are typically up to 3 layers involved in this process. Depending on how large your space is, expect a full day for each waterproof coating layer. Hurricanes can be devastating in Florida so we make sure to do a thorough job.

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