First of all, I want to thank the staff at Maya Marca for being so helpful during our two-week building inspection at this gorgeous property situated right on a waterfront canal with amazing ocean views. These are the types of properties we don’t ever want to leave from.

On the other hand, This building was overall in good condition and the maintenance team along with the HOA are working hard to keep it looking pristine.

On this property, we performed a detailed Structural, Electrical, and Seawall inspection.

During the Structural Inspection, we inspected virtually all balconies, roofs, garage decks, beams, columns, and exterior walls. For the areas that were hard to see we brought in our DJI drone! Yes, we used a drone and we loved it check out the video here.

The Electrical Inspection was also a challenge due to the number of units present, we inspected onsite generators, electrical rooms, electrical panels, Fire alarm system, and much more.

The seawall inspection was an element all by itself as this component forced our team to dive into the surrounding waters to inspect the seawall king piles, structural concrete panels, and footers.

All in all, we love what we do and look forward to working with the friendly staff at Maya Marca in the near future.

Thank you