Residential & Commercial Structural Inspection

structural inspectionThis type of inspection is intended to evaluate the condition of the evident foundation performance, roof, and structure of the building in order to provide information related to their condition and an opinion as to whether they are in need of repair. The data obtained and included in this type of report will provide insight into the overall condition of the property and information that will assist in maintaining it in the best possible condition during future years. The scope of this inspection includes visual observations of those portions of the foundation, roof, and structural components readily visible without moving or removing items causing visual obstruction. It is specifically pointed out that unless otherwise indicated, determining compliance with electrical codes is not included as a part of this cursory inspection.

Inspections to some areas of the structure may be limited by safety or site conditions, with the most common limitations related to direct access at the roof or entry to the crawlspace.  Access to some areas, such as the crawlspace, may require an additional fee.  If you have concern about, or know of special conditions, they should be discussed with the office upon setting up an inspection.

When Can A Structural Engineer Help?

  • Your building has a cracked wall, uneven foundation settlement, and/or it needs a seawall repair.
  • Your building sustained fire, flood, and/or wind damage and it requires a structural damage assessment.
  • Your building is not hurricane-ready and you need certification to reduce the insurance premium.
  • Your structure has building code violations (as built).
  • You are buying or selling a building and need to inspect and assess structural defects.
  • You want to add a room or a whole second floor to your existing building.
  • You want to design a new structure including buildings, bridges, and all other types of residential and commercial projects.

Structural inspections are normally used for:

  • Homeowner Information - To provide an unbiased-opinion of the structural performance.
  • Refinancing -Some financial institutions may require evaluations of the structural systems performance. 
  • Pre-Purchase Contracts -Under some circumstances, a buyer may choose to have only the structure of the building evaluated based on the condition or intended use for the property. 
  • Backup Opinions -Some inspection companies may not be qualified to render an opinion of the performance of the structure, or the presence of special circumstances may require the opinion of a Professional Engineer.
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