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40-Year Recertification Inspection You Can Count On

Our team comprises top-notch engineers with a track record of successfully diagnosing and rehabilitating complex structural issues in historic landmarks, ensuring your building’s endurance for generations to come.

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What is the 40 Year Recertification in Florida?

When a building reaches 40 years old, it undergoes mandatory inspection and recertification to ensure compliance with safety standards and building codes. Re-inspections are required every ten years thereafter to monitor aging structures and address any issues. A comprehensive evaluation assesses all structural components to ensure compliance with current building codes, with necessary repairs or replacements performed as needed.

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How Is Our 40-Year Recertification Different From Others?

Comprehensive Review

Ensuring all components are up to code with current safety standards, we provide an all-around service.

Fast Quoting

Prompt turnaround for your cost estimate, detailed quote sent via mail for planning.

Latest Technology

We use state-of-the-art tech, such as drones, 3D scanners, infrared, simulations, and BIM, for detailed inspections and testing.

Accurate Assessment

Thorough exterior inspection, non-destructive testing, system checks, record reviews, detailed reports, and maintenance recommendations.

Quick Turnaround Times

Streamlined process with schedules, updates, communication, project management software, and mobile apps for faster task completion.

Comprehensive Solutions

End-to-end construction, maintenance, and monitoring to maximize safety, extend building life, and maintain compliance. Customized plans based on inspection.

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Why Choose Souffront?


Our team has over a decade of experience in construction and engineering, specializing in 40-year recertification services. This extensive experience makes us ideal for recertification projects, and we also offer all-around construction services.


Our licensed engineers have expertise and hands-on experience for hassle-free inspections. We use advanced equipment like drones, infrared cameras, and BIM software for comprehensive and successful inspections, providing safe, efficient, and cost-effective 40-year building inspection solutions.

Reliable & Reputable

We are dedicated to your satisfaction, delivering on time and within budget. Our licensed team, boasting the highest industry certifications, is supported by 57 "5-star reviews" and client appreciation. We are eager to share past projects to build trust and rapport with you.


Our commitment to excellence has earned us a solid reputation as a reliable partner for recertification projects. We provide ongoing maintenance and support for your structure and address any issues after the 40-year recertification to help you stay stress-free.

Meet The Recertification Deadline – Don’t Delay!

Partner with us for a seamless and hassle-free 40-year recertification process. Our team will work closely with you to identify and address any issues, ensuring your building remains up to code.

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What Is Included In Our 40-Year Recertification?

40 Year Structural Recertification
40 Year Structural Recertification

We assess structural elements, identify damage, provide repair estimates, and document with photography. Our extensive experience guarantees a professional and thorough assessment.

40 Year Structural Recertification
Electrical Safety Inspection

We examine electrical equipment, identify violations, conduct life-safety checks, and document with photography. This ensures a safe environment and taking necessary steps for building safety.

40 Year Structural Recertification
Illumination Safety Inspection

Light intensity testing, existing lighting survey, illumination estimates if needed, and photography. Guaranteeing adherence to safety standards for a well-lit environment.

40 Year Structural Recertification
Infrared Safety Inspection

Level II Thermography, written report & photos for electrical systems operating at 400 amperes or greater. We identify potential issues quickly and accurately for safe and efficient operation.

How Does a 40 Year Recertification Inspection Work?

As a building owner, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the 40-year recertification process to ensure the structural integrity and electrical safety of your property. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the process smoothly and avoid potential penalties.

A home under Construction
Notice of Required Inspection
County officials will notify you, but it’s your responsibility to arrange for inspection within 90 days.
A home under Construction
Secure an Inspection
Arrange for a Florida-registered architect or engineer to inspect your property and provide a sealed certification.
A home under Construction
Submit Required Documentation
Include structural and electrical inspection reports and permit applications. A licensed professional must complete a form noting required repairs or confirming none are needed.
A home under Construction
Submit the Application in Person

Submit the form and $200 payment in person; no mailed reports are accepted. Timely submission is crucial due to the severe consequences of lateness.

If the building is safe, you’re set for a decade with no further inspections needed. But if issues arise, act fast. Permits must be acquired, and repairs must be completed within 180 days. Not submitting the 40-year recertification form can lead to a Notice of Violation and penalties. Extensions are possible but act promptly to avoid consequences.

Ensure Maximum Safety And Compliance – Get Your 40-Year Recertification Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Necessary to Get a 40-Year Recertification Done?
Yes, it is necessary to get a 40-year recertification done to ensure the safety and integrity of your building or property. This type of recertification assesses elements such as structural integrity, seismic design, fire protection, and materials decay, and will help identify potential issues that could compromise the strength and safety of your building or residence. It is important to remember that a 40 year recertification is not just a visual inspection. These inspections also involve non-destructive testing, such as scanning and probing, as well as complete inspections of structural elements such as load-bearing walls, roofs and foundations. These inspections are essential to ensuring the safety of your building and its occupants, as well as protecting against potential lawsuits in the future. In addition, the inspection can save you money in the long run. Investing in a thorough assessment now can help you avoid costly repairs in the future due to structural failure, fire hazard or other damages that could have been prevented. So, if you’re on the fence, we would like to nudge you (for your own good) to get the inspection done as soon as possible. Our team can help you there. Contact us for a free consultation session to discuss your needs and understand how we can help you.
What Can I Expect From 40-Year Recertification Inspections?
40-year recertification inspections are thorough, as they involve a great deal of checking, testing and verifying that a building or residential structure is safe and up-to-date with local regulations. For a 40-year recertification inspection, expect a detailed report that identifies any potential safety concerns. The inspection will also include a review of your building or residential structure's exterior, interior and electrical and plumbing systems. Inspectors will also assess for any signs of water intrusion, fire hazards, pest and rodent infestations and any other issues that may pose a threat to your health and safety. With Souffront, in addition to a detailed report, you receive practical and cost-effective recommendations to help you maintain your building or residential structure's safety over the long term. We also offer advice on how to keep up with any changes in local regulations that may affect your building or residential structure.
What Happens If I Fail to Comply With the Recertification Requirements?
As a member of the building owners association, you hold a vital role in maintaining the certification status of your building. Neglecting to complete the 40-year recertification before the deadline may result in serious consequences. The county has the power to issue a Non-Compliance Notice, which could lead to financial penalties, including a fine of up to $10,510 and the cost of the county's enforcement efforts. In extreme cases, the county may order the closure or demolition of the building if the recertification process is not completed within the designated timeframe. This highlights the importance of staying vigilant of the 40-year recertification deadline and any related building maintenance regulations. To ensure the longevity and compliance of your building, it is recommended to prioritize the 40-year recertification process and keep up to date with any relevant regulations. Don't let a missed deadline lead to dire consequences, stay ahead of the game and maintain your building's certification status.
What Should I Do If I Don’t Receive the Notification of Inspection?
If your building is reaching its 40th anniversary, it's crucial to take the necessary steps to recertify it on time. Despite not receiving a notification from the county, it's your responsibility to ensure that the inspection is completed, any faults are repaired, and a new certification is obtained. Ignoring this obligation may lead to severe penalties and even liabilities in the event of any accidents involving the safety of the building. Therefore, don't take any chances and take the initiative to schedule the inspection and recertification. This will give you peace of mind for the next decade, knowing that your building is safe and up to the county's standards.
What does the date of recertification mean?

The recertification date refers to the deadline by which certain buildings in Miami-Dade County must undergo a structural and electrical inspection to ensure compliance with current building codes. This date is typically 40 years from the initial issuance of the building's certificate of occupancy.

What are 40-year recertification points?

The 40-Year Recertification Points system is a method used to evaluate the structural and electrical integrity of buildings in Miami-Dade County. Points are assigned based on specific criteria such as building size, age, and condition. Accumulating the required points ensures the building meets safety standards and complies with local regulations.

Why is 40-Year Recertification So Important?

Florida has seen its fair share of building collapses and tragedies, like the Surfside condo collapse in 2021. That really drove home the importance of maintaining structural integrity, especially for older buildings in coastal areas prone to hurricanes and corrosion.

The recertification requires a thorough inspection by licensed engineers and architects. They'll examine everything—the concrete, rebar, electrical, plumbing, you name it. Any issues are flagged for repair or replacement to meet current codes.

Now, getting recertified isn't just a box to check. If major problems are found and not addressed, counties like Miami-Dade can slap hefty fines on owners and even pursue demolition in the worst cases. That's a nightmare scenario for condo associations working with owners on funding fixes.

But it's not all doom and gloom. Proper recertification protects property values by ensuring buildings are safe and up to snuff. It also gives residents peace of mind. For aging structures, it lays out a plan to make vital upgrades and extend that building's lifespan for decades.

So, while it's a hassle and can get pricey, the 40-year check is crucial for Florida's coastal communities. It's a small price to pay for keeping that salty air from turning beautiful high-rises into structural risks down the road.

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