What is a 40 Year Recertification Inspection?

When a building turns 40 years old, a mandatory inspection and recertification are required to ensure that the structure still meets safety standards and current building codes and identify areas that need updating to bring the facility up to par. Every ten years after that, you’ll have to get another re-inspection done for the same purpose and keep an eye on structures as they age and become more likely to show signs of disrepair.


What Makes Our 40 Year Recertification Inspection Different?

Whether you’re part of a homeowner’s association or even a private homeowner, we bring the same professional touch to your 40-year building recertification inspection to facilitate your success.

Fast Quoting

Our team members quickly generate a detailed quote for the 40 year inspection and send it via mail

Accurate Reporting

Our team of certified and expert engineers provides a detailed and accurate report. We provide both a digital and hard copy of your report

Easy Scheduling

Once you sign and accept the proposal, we immediately schedule your 40 year recertification inspection and perform it


We help property owners, managers, buyers, and sellers. Who need a 40-Year Building Recertification Inspection so they can comply and satisfy their city’s, and building department’s required stipulations. Unlike other inspection firms that can only provide an inspection report at best, we can offer our clients a comprehensive turn-key solution. Our Solution is to provide our clients with a simple one-stop turn-key approach to recertifying their buildings.

40 +10 Year Inspection

Phase one is to get our team at your property to identify the existing conditions of your building(s). Once the inspection is done and the report is prepared, the inspection needs to happen again every ten years.

Construction Management and Design

We hold an active general contractor & professional engineering license. Our expert engineers and contractors can successfully execute your structural and electrical repairs if needed. In addition, we prepare a complete set of construction documents, including plans and specifications.


40 Year Structural Recertification

40 Year Recertification Structural Engineering firm

Electrical Safety Inspection

40 year recertification

  • Condition of electrical equipment
  • Electrical violations 
  • Life-safety 
  • Photography

Illumination Safety Inspection

40 year recertification

  • Light intensity test
  • Existing lighting survey
  • Illumination  Estimate if needed.
  • Only for Miami-Dade County

Infrared Safety Inspection

40 year recertification

  • Level II Theromagrapy
  • Written Report & Photos
  • Only for Electrical systems operating at 400 amperes or greater


Certified Structural Inspectors Performing Your Building Inspections

Whether your building is just celebrating its 40th birthday or if you have a century-old structure, the experience and attention to detail that our structural engineer home inspector brings to the occasion are crucial to the safety of your building and the future of the structure itself.

We are Licensed and Experienced

Our licensed and experienced professional inspectors do the job right — every single time. We take the time to thoroughly investigate every area of your building to represent its status accurately, provide a report on how to bring deficiencies up to code, and ultimately lend the professional support you need to protect your structure and the people in it.

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We Share the Same Goal

Souffront and the client share the same objective — your property becomes safe and complies with safety regulations to have a long life. So if your home inspector structural engineer doesn’t know what he’s looking at, what to look for, or is simply looking for a passing inspection to skip out on prescribing the work required to bring your structure up to par — then the people in the building face a severe risk of danger. Your building may experience more rapid structural decay than if it received the service it needs.


The 40 year recertification process includes structural integrity and electrical safety inspections. Here’s how the process flows:

  • You receive the Notice of Required Inspection from county officials.
  • You have 90 days to have a Florida-registered architect or engineer inspect the property and provide the city with a sealed building safety inspection certification.
  • Your submittal must include both the structural and electrical package, as well as the permit application.
  • A licensed professional must complete a form that identifies required repairs or a statement that no repairs are needed.
  • Owners must submit it “In Person” (The office won’t accept mailed reports) with a $200 payment.

If the building is classified as safe, no inspections are required for ten years. Therefore, you have 180 days to obtain necessary permits and complete specified repairs if structural or electrical deficiencies are indicated.

Failing to submit the 40 year structural recertification form results in a Notice of Violation and Notice of Hearing and penalties if efforts are not made to comply promptly. Extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Post Inspection Process.

post inspection workflow 40 year recertification


40 year recertification
  • Is it Necessary to Get a 40 Year Recertification Inspection?

    It may seem like too much of a hassle or something you could safely skip out on altogether. But a 40 year structural inspections is an absolute necessity to remain compliant with current building codes and standards and to guarantee the safety of the occupants therein. It’s not just a red tape matter; it is about people’s safety.

    No matter the location, materials, or environment, time will inevitably take its toll on any building or structure. Not only that but if you’ve made any alterations to the building throughout its 40 year lifetime, then an inspection will be required to see if those alterations meet building codes and standards and how to bring them up to code if they don’t.

    Even if that’s not enough to convince you — the fact is, your 40-year recertification inspection is a legally required mandate. It’s not optional for you or anyone who owns or manages a 40-year-old building.

  • What Can I Expect From 40 Year Recertification Inspections?

    Your local or regional entity will provide you with a checklist of elements you must inspect to guarantee safety and compliance with current codes. The inspection elements focus on safety, not aesthetics. Don’t worry if your building has outdated carpet or window shades. The inspector will be looking at things such as structural integrity and the electrical system — the things that determine whether a building is still safe.

    While the process appears relatively straightforward, you still want to guarantee you have an experienced team of professionals performing your 40-year recertification inspection. The form looks effortless — it’s a checklist and a few blank areas for notes, observations, and commentary.

    But in reality, your inspector must understand the intricate details of every element presented on the list. Failure to recognize the details could put the occupants in danger and shorten the structure’s lifespan.

    Get in touch with us today to schedule your 40 year recertification inspection or learn more about our professional services.

  • What happens if I fail to comply with the recertification requirements?

    Being a member of the building owners association, you are responsible for seeing that the 40-year recertification is completed well before the deadline. The county will issue a Civil Violation Notice if you don’t manage to get the building recertification done by the deadline. You also need to bear a  monetary fine of up to $10,510 in addition to the county’s enforcement costs.

    Further, the county can force you to abandon or destroy the building if you don’t acquire a time-bound 40-year recertification inspection. For these and other reasons, it’s essential to renew certification every 40 years and keep in mind any applicable building upkeep and management regulations.

  • What should I do if I don't receive the Notification of Inspection?

    If your building is 40 years old, the county probably won’t send you a reminder about the inspection. The inspection must be completed on schedule, any issues discovered by the engineer must be fixed, and a new certification must be obtained. Your failure to recertify will result in penalties regardless of whether or not you are notified. In addition, if your 40 year recertification attempt fails, you could be held responsible for accidents impacting the safety of the building. That being said, it’s not a good idea to sit around and wait for the county to send you a notice about an inspection. Prompt recertification will allow you to relax for the next decade.

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