We help property owners, managers, buyers, and sellers who are in need of Structural Building Inspections.

So they can know the existing conditions and possible hazards that can be avoided with this inspection

Unlike other inspection firms that can only provide an inspection report at best. We can provide our clients with a turn-key solution.

Our Solution is simple to inspect your structure with an unbiased approach , then identify all potential hazards if any exist and create a plan of action in order to tackle it within a reasonable time frame while not exceeding your budget.

We make it easy for you by providing:

Fast Quoting

A team member from our office will quickly generate a detailed proposal and send it via email.

Easy Scheduling

Next, once you sign our proposal, we will quickly schedule your inspection and perform it.

Accurate Reporting

After your inspection is completed, we will provide a digital copy of your structural inspection report.

What are Structural Building Inspections?

As the name suggests, structural building inspections are carried out by a qualified and certified building inspector to determine the structural integrity of a building. It is typically a pre-purchase process that involves the virtual assessment of a building to get a detailed report of the structural condition of the building.

If you’d like a more in-depth look into structural inspections check out this post on our blog: Structural Building Inspections Services For Residential & Commercial

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What's Included In My Structural Building Inspections Report

  • Residential Building Inspections
  • Commercial Building Inspection

Homeowners can hire a building inspector for their residential building inspections services when they’re ready to purchase or build a new home or when they’re planning a major renovation project for their home. If you’re not familiar with how this works, feel free to consult a professional structural building inspector that’ll enlighten you and help you with the building inspection. A professional home inspector would visit your property and evaluate it according to the pre-defined criteria.

It is the best idea to seek the help of a building inspector whenever you want to invest in commercial property which can either be buying a new building or taking up a major renovation project. To get the best possible outcome from your project, you need to hire a professional structural building inspector who would take a broad view of the property you intend to invest in and provide a detailed report about the condition of the entire property and the possible expenses to expect if you decide to purchase the property.

* Miami-Dade requires that parking lots contain a minimum of 2 foot-candles of light.

Only REQUIRED for properties in Miami-Dade County

How to Choose the Right Structural Building Inspections Company

Whether you want to buy a commercial building or you plan to build a new home, choosing the right building inspector for your project is vital. To hire the best structural building inspection company, there are two major things to consider and they are:

Reputation and Reliability: The reputation of a structural building inspection company or building inspector is a major thing to consider when you want to select the best service for your project. A reliable and reputable building inspector that has much experience in performing due diligence inspections should be your main target.

Professionalism: Nothing shows the quality of services one can get from any provider than professionalism. Whenever you want to choose a structural building inspector to check your building, make sure you hire a professional.

Our Goals and Commitments To You 

Ultimately we all have the same goal — we want your buildings to be safe for occupancy and to have a long life. So if your inspector either doesn’t know what he’s looking at, or doesn’t know what to look for — then the people in the building face a serious risk of danger, and your building may very well experience more rapid structural decline than if it received the service it needs.

We are Licensed and Experienced

Our licensed and experienced professional inspectors get the job done right — every time. We take the time in our building engineer inspection projects to fully examine every area of your structure in order to produce an accurate image of the status of your building, provide commentary, and ultimately lend the professional support you need to protect your structure and the building as well.

Who we serve

Whether you’re part of a homeowner’s association, a property owner or manager, or even a private homeowner, we bring the same professional touch to your structural inspection in order to aid your success.


structural building inspections
  • Do I need to have my building inspected?

    It may seem like too much of a hassle, or something that you could safely skip out on altogether. But structural engineer inspection actually an absolute necessity, for your property and your safety as well. If left unchecked, there may be dire consequences that could’ve been prevented with structure inspections.

  • What can I expect from structural building inspections?

    While the process appears fairly straightforward, you still want to guarantee you have an experienced team of professionals performing your structural engineer foundation inspection. The form itself makes it look very simple — it’s basically a checklist and a few blank areas for notes, observations and commentary.

    But in reality, your inspector must understand the intricate details of every element presented on the list. Failure to recognize the details could put the occupants in danger, and shorten the lifespan of the structure.

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  • How can I plan for future costs?

    When significant structural problems that may need repairs in the future are reported in a structural building inspections report, it helps you get an idea of the cost of your future repairs. Also, this helps you determine either to purchase the property or seek another option. And the best thing is that structural engineer inspection cost is quite reasonable. 

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structural building inspections


structural building inspections


structural building inspections