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Infrared Thermography – A Solution for Residential and Commercial Owners

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Our Services Include But Aren’t Limited To

40 Year Structural Recertification
Foundation Inspection

We check foundation walls for cracks, footing for settling, and signs of moisture.

40 Year Structural Recertification
Framing Inspection

Engineers verify structural integrity and proper joining of studs, beams, and joists.

40 Year Structural Recertification
Roof Inspection

We assess roofing materials, flashing, sealing, and ventilation to prevent moisture.

40 Year Structural Recertification
Wall Inspection

We evaluate the walls' structural integrity and connections of wall members.

40 Year Structural Recertification
Floor Inspection

Focus on assessing flooring safety, stability, and connections to the subfloor or foundation.

40 Year Structural Recertification
Ceiling Inspection

Inspectors examine ceiling materials' integrity, support, and connection to framing members.

40 Year Structural Recertification
Stair Inspection

Evaluate stairs' structural integrity, measurements, and safety features.

40 Year Structural Recertification
Balcony and Deck Inspection

Inspect supporting members, deck surface, and connections for security and support.

Our 4-Step Process

A home under Construction
Initial consultation
Contact us via phone or email for a session to address your inquiries and understand our services better.
A home under Construction
Scheduling & Inspection Process
We offer flexible appointments, including evenings and weekends. Our certified technicians conduct thorough inspections and identify any issues through thermal analysis.
A home under Construction
Analysis and Reporting
Post-inspection, we analyze data and provide a detailed report highlighting potential problems and recommended actions.
A home under Construction
Follow-up and Maintenance
We collaborate with you to address identified issues and offer regular maintenance and inspections for optimal equipment performance.
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    Projects Completed
  • 5,454

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    Permits Approved
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    Violations Legalized

Why Choose Souffront?


With over a decade in engineering and construction, specializing in inspections for commercial and residential buildings.


Our experts utilize top-tier technology like infrared cameras, drones, and BIM software for comprehensive analyses of all building types.


Delivering punctual, budget-friendly services led by highly credentialed engineers and inspectors, validated by satisfied clients.


Backed by 60+ "5-star reviews" and a portfolio showcasing completed projects, reinforcing our reliability and trustworthiness.


A steadfast partner for engineering and construction projects, offering ongoing support and maintenance post-project completion.

Discover Hidden Issues With Thermography Inspections!

Our advanced thermography inspections reveal hidden problems, saving you time and money on repairs. Schedule your scan now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of infrared thermography?

It can quickly detect water infiltration, air infiltration, mold, overheating, and more – making it a great choice for residential, commercial, homeowners association, and commercial real estate individuals. Use it to evaluate the efficiency of mechanical systems and to identify potential fire hazards. With infrared thermography, you can enjoy improved safety, efficiency, and peace of mind – all without large, costly repairs.

What types of equipment are used in Infrared thermography electrical inspection?

The following are the major primary equipment used:

  • Infrared cameras and optics
  • Thermal imagers
  • Imaging software
  • Temperature guns
  • Surface thermometers
  • Scanning pyrometers
How is infrared thermography different from other methods of temperature measurement?
It does not require any physical contact with the object being tested. Instead, it uses infrared radiation to measure temperatures from a distance. To know better, you may also check out this journal on the National Library of Medicine which states that along with healthcare, IR thermography is a massive plus point for maintenance and building inspection to prevent life-threatening dangers.
How can infrared thermography help detect problems?
In IR thermography, professionals use a special camera that detects infrared radiation emitted by objects. It works on the principle that all objects emit thermal radiation, and the amount and type of radiation emitted vary depending on the object’s temperature. The camera captures this radiation and converts it into a visual image, which displays the temperature distribution of the object. This image is called a thermogram, and it shows the temperature variations across the object’s surface. And once a professional IR thermographer analyzes these images, they can identify any temperature abnormalities that may indicate problems such as energy loss, water damage, electrical faults, or mechanical defects. If you wish to know more about IR thermography and its inspections, you might want to visit thisgovernment website and know better about the process.
What is the cost of advanced infrared thermography services?
The cost will vary depending on the size of the property/structure and the extent of the services rendered. Generally, an infrared inspection of a standard-sized home can range from $250-$600. It should be noted that this number is just an average and shouldn’t be considered a benchmark, since the cost depends on a lot of factors, and for a commercial structure, this price won’t be a good range to compare. If you want to know whatSouffront charges, do get in touch with our team and we can arrange a free 30-minute consultation to discuss it and much more.

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