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Introducing the Souffront's Referral Program: Spread the Word, Earn Rewards!

Referral Program Policy for Souffront Construction and Engineering.

  1. Objective: Our referral program aims to incentivize past clients to recommend our construction and engineering services to their network, thereby expanding our customer base. Past clients will receive rewards in the form of Cash via Visa Gift Cards for every referral that results in a closed deal with our organization.

  2. Eligibility: All past clients who have previously engaged with our construction and engineering services are eligible to participate in the referral program.

  3. Referral Process:

    • Past clients can refer potential new clients to our organization by providing their contact information and expressing interest in our services.
    • Referrals can be submitted through our website referral form, by email, or by contacting our customer service team directly.
    • Upon receiving a referral, our sales team will reach out to the referred individual or organization to discuss their needs and provide information about our services.
  4. Reward Structure:

    • For each successful referral that results in a closed deal with our organization, the referring past client will receive a Cash reward in the form of a Visa Gift Card.
    • The amount of the Cash reward will be determined based on the value of the closed deal, as follows:
      • For deals with a value up to $3,500: $250 Cash reward
      • For deals with a value between $10,001 and $25,000: $500 Cash reward
      • For deals with a value above $25,000: $750 Cash reward
    • Cash rewards will be issued within 30 days of the referred client’s project commencement with our organization.
  5. Exclusions:

    • Referrals made by individuals who are currently employed by or affiliated with our organization are not eligible for rewards.
    • Referrals for projects that are already in progress or have been initiated prior to the referral submission are not eligible for rewards.
  6. Program Administration:

    • Our customer service team will oversee the administration of the referral program, including tracking referrals, verifying closed deals, and issuing rewards.
    • Any disputes or discrepancies regarding referrals or rewards will be resolved at the discretion of our management team.
  7. Program Duration and Amendments:

    • The referral program will be ongoing until further notice, with the terms and conditions subject to review and amendment by our organization.
    • Any changes to the referral program, including reward amounts or eligibility criteria, will be communicated to past clients via email or through our website.

By participating in our referral program, past clients agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this policy. We reserve the right to modify or terminate the referral program at any time without prior notice. Thank you for your continued support and referrals.