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Structural Glazing Inspection for Uncompromised Building Integrity

Our team of qualified licensed professionals conduct thorough structural glazing façade inspections for all threshold buildings, ensuring continued FBC compliance.

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What is a Structural Glazing Inspection?

A structural glazing façade inspection is required for all threshold buildings that use curtain wall or structural glazing systems as per the Florida Building Code Sections 2414 and 2415. This is conducted to ensure the integrity, performance, and safety of the structural glazing system and structural silicone sealants. If your building is 5 years or older, you’ll need to conduct a glazing inspection every 5 years, starting 2023/2024, depending on the year of construction, and obtain Structural Sealant Glazing (SSG) recertification. For instance, while buildings from 2018, 2013, 2008, 2003, 1998, etc., need to be certified in 2023, buildings from 2019, 2014, 2009, 2004, 1999, etc., will be certified in 2024.

Conduct A Complete Building Facade Inspection And Avoid Legal Troubles

Did you know that the Miami-Dade County’s Board of Rules and Appeals has affirmed Florida Building Code’s facade inspection rules? 

If you own a building with structural glazing that’s three storied or higher, you’re now legally required to conduct a facade inspection. 

Our structural glazing façade inspection experts provide in-depth examination of curtain wall systems from the inside out. Whether it’s a newly built or decades old building, our inspectors will analyze the facade system for compliance with all design, installation, performance, and maintenance codes and standards. 

Simply put, we’ll ensure that your building’s structural glazing system is safe and you meet legal liabilities.

Structural Glazing Façade Inspections That Meet ASTM C1394 Standards

When it comes to conducting facade inspections, the right procedure is key to accurate analysis and pin-pointed problem detection. 

Our team of Florida threshold inspectors adhere to the ASTM C1394 Standard Guide for in-situ structural silicone glazing evaluation. Be it a small commercial building or a large multipurpose skyscraper, these standards bring a uniform process to locate even the smallest of issues. 

Our approach is straightforward: To examine every aspect of your building’s curtain wall using universally accepted methods and systems and identify everything from major physical damages to minor adhesion losses, one problem at a time. 

Facade inspections Tailored For Florida Building

Own a threshold building anywhere in Florida? 

If yes, the FBC section 2415.7.4 requires you to recertify structural glazing systems at a six month interval during the first year of installation. Furthermore, you’ll need to obtain a similar recertification after every five years. 

At Souffront Engineering, we offer custom facade inspection services designed to meet FBC – 2415.7.4 requirements while taking the worry off your shoulders. Our inspections are meticulously planned to examine your property, suggest required repairs (if needed), re-inspect, and report for recertification, all within the 90-day window. 

Rest assured, our structural glazing inspections will ensure hassle-free certification and help you keep your building up to code. 

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Why Choose Souffront For All-Things Structural Glazing Inspection?


With certifications from the Florida Building Commission, we boast both qualifications and experience. Our seasoned threshold inspectors know the ins and outs of structural glazing systems and have conducted numerous inspections across residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional structures.

Comprehensive Services

We're not just about ticking boxes; we offer a complete SSG inspection package. From scrutinizing design details to testing materials and verifying installations, we cover everything. You can expect detailed facade condition reports and recommendations for a smooth recertification process.

Safety First

Safety and well-being are our top-most priority. We bring the best tools and methods to the table and strictly adhere to safety standards. Beyond code compliance, we ensure your structural glazing system stays solid and secure for decades.


Budgets matter, and that is why we offer the most competitive pricing on the market. We provide a free-of-charge estimate for the entire inspection process and don’t charge you a penny more than what we’ve initially quoted you.

100% Satisfaction

Your happiness is what keeps us going. We're not just about inspections; we're all about understanding what you need and making sure we deliver more than you expect. And we're here for the long haul with quality assurance, support after the fact, and a friendly hand in emergencies.

Secure Your Property’s Integrity Today!

Professional structural building inspections ensure safety and prevent costly damages. Schedule your comprehensive inspection now.

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Our Structural Glazing Façade Inspection Process

As the building owner, the responsibility of getting a building facade inspection and recertification is on you. Here’s how we get you past this procedure seamlessly: 

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Notification For SSG Recertification

Based on the year of your building’s construction, you’ll receive a notice for Structural Sealant Glazing or SSG recertification from your local building official. White it’s possible that you don’t receive a notice, you’ll still have to get a recertification if it’s due for that year. 

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Prompt Inspections And Testings

We understand that time is of essence for SSG  recertifications. Our team is equipped to conduct quick and high-quality inspections and lab tests. The idea is to ensure that you have ample time for undertaking necessary repairs and certifications within the 90-day timeline. 

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Report Generation

Our team will prepare an inspection report listing our findings, including details of defects or failures within your building’s structural silicone glazing and the overall facade. We’ll also provide a detailed facade mapping to help you locate problem areas easily. 

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Repair And Maintenance Support

Although minor repairs don’t need a permit, you’ll need a permit from the local building department if our inspection report considers it as “unsafe.” In either case, we’ll help you get in touch with licensed and reputed contractors for timely repairs. 

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Report Filing

We provide you with an initial report detailing your building’s existing condition such as safe, needs maintenance, or unsafe to file with the building department. Also, we’ll re-inspect, provide an amended report, and list your building as safe after you’ve carried out repairs. 

We Have More To Offer

40 Year Structural Recertification
40 Year Building Recertification

If your place is hitting the 40-year mark in Florida, it's time for a mandatory check-up. Our 40 year building recertification engineers cover it all—structure, electricity, plumbing, and more. They thoroughly inspect, recommend, and help with any tweaks needed. 

40 Year Structural Recertification
Structural Building Inspection

Because your building's strength is crucial, our skilled structural engineers dive deep, using the latest tools to spot any issues that might mess with its stability or functionality. We also hand you a detailed structural building inspection report. 

40 Year Structural Recertification
Threshold Inspection

Certain buildings in Florida need an extra eye. Our threshold inspection ensures the construction aligns with plans, meeting the structural requirements in the Florida Building Code. We're on it to make sure your place is good to go.

40 Year Structural Recertification
Seawall Inspection

Protecting your waterfront spot is crucial. Our engineers check out your seawalls, docks, and piers, giving you the lowdown on their stability and condition. We also give you a detailed seawall inspection report with expert tips.

40 Year Structural Recertification
4 Point Inspection

Our 4 point inspection zeroes in on the big four: roof, electricity, plumbing, and HVAC. We'll flag any issues affecting your home's safety or performance and hand you a comprehensive report with tips on how to handle them.

40 Year Structural Recertification
Thermography Inspection

Let's see what the naked eye can't. Our thermal imaging tech digs into hidden issues—moisture, insulation, air leaks, you name it. A clear thermography inspection report with actionable recommendations is what you'll get to keep your place glitch-free.

Expert Structural Inspections Available!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a structural glazing façade inspection?

Anyone who owns a threshold building, i.e., a building three stories or higher in Florida is legally required to conduct a structural glazing facade inspection. 

A part of Florida facade inspection safety program, these inspections involve a thorough examination of the building's exterior walls, focusing on the glass panels and frames. The goal is to identify any issues that could impact the safety, functionality, or appearance of the structure.

When to conduct a facade inspection?

As per Florida Building Code section 2415.7.4, you have to conduct a facade inspection twice at a six month interval during the first year after your building’s construction. Thereafter, you’ll need to conduct these inspections at a five year interval. 

Here’s what the FBC says regarding the required inspection type timeline: 

  • Level 1 inspection after 5 years from the year-built date
  • Level 2 inspection after 10 years
  • Level 1 inspection after 15 years (if Level 2 inspection was performed after 10 years)
  • Level 2 inspection after 20 years, and each successive 5 years (or Level 3 if significant distress is found) 
How much does a structural glazing inspection cost?

 There isn’t a fixed cost for a facade glazing inspection as the prices vary depending on factors such as the size, age, location, and design of the building. 

However, you can get in touch with us and receive a free estimate for your building’s facade inspection.

Why is building facade inspection important?

The importance of building facade inspection lies in ensuring the durability and structural integrity of a building's outer shell, which serves as a crucial barrier against weather, noise, and potential hazards. Detecting problems early on can prevent issues like glass breakage, water leaks, or energy inefficiencies, safeguarding the well-being and security of occupants.

How is building facade inspection performed?

Trained professionals, including engineers and architects, conduct the inspection. The process typically involves a visual assessment from different perspectives, close-up inspections using scaffolding or ropes, and the use of specialized tools and instruments to measure various parameters such as temperature, humidity, or sound.

What is drone facade inspection?

Drone facade inspection utilizes unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to capture high-resolution images and videos of a building's exterior. This method is particularly useful for accessing challenging or unsafe areas without the need for human intervention.

What are the benefits of drone facade inspection?

Drone facade inspection takes advantage of UAVs to capture detailed images and videos of a building's exterior. This method offers several advantages, including reduced time and labor, enhanced accuracy with high-resolution visuals, and improved safety by accessing challenging areas without risking human safety.

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