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Unlike other construction management firms that keep the client on the sidelines, we work side by side with them, keeping them updated throughout the entire project with videos, photos and reports.

Our Solution is simple to deliver a high level customer service in one of the toughest industries while at the same time turning over projects that are close to perfection.

Fast Bidding

A team member from our office will quickly generate a detailed proposal and send it via email.

Systematic Approach

Ensures a highly positive customer experience.

Accurate Deadlines

After your inspection is completed, we will provide a digital copy of your report.

Souffront Construction & Engineering ( SCE) is a full service professional engineering and construction management company with a clear vision to service our clients in a manner they never expected could be possible from a construction & engineering company.


We offer a diverse and experienced background in both commercial contracting and high-end residential general construction.

Design Build

Our design-build process was created with our customers in mind. The process allows for faster and easier building completions and with less hassle to you. Additional established design-build benefits include single source responsibility, early cost establishment, improved efficiency, team approach, a reduction in change orders, and enhanced risk management.

Pre-Construction Services

At the beginning of your construction project, every decision is crucial to ensuring your vision aligns with the end result. That means starting every project off with the correct budget, timeline, and schedule front of mind. Our team will be with you every step of the way during your pre-construction phase in order to deliver your vision to life.


Every residential project is handled with extreme attention to detail. At Souffront Engineering, we have an appreciation and understanding of the highest standards of quality in residential construction. We recognize the level of personal involvement needed in truly exceptional construction. Each of our designs are custom built. Our residential services include renovation and remodels.

Project Feasibility

Feasibility studies are an essential start to any large construction project. At Souffront Construction, our feasibility studies are preliminary studies taken in the very early stage of a project. Typically, they are carried out for larger or more complex projects where there is a significant amount of controversy or doubt regarding the development of the project. Our project feasibility studies establish whether the project is viable and helps identify feasible options for you.

Construction Management

Our hands-on approach to managing projects makes Souffront Engineering stand out from the rest. From inception to completion, we are implementing our customized resources to exceed the expectations of each client. Our technical resources and professionals provide solutions to companies and projects of all sizes.

Commercial Construction

At Souffront Engineering, we pride ourselves in our exceptional commercial construction management strategies. From our state-of-the-art cost tracking systems to our professional services, we specialize in amusement and theme park construction, health care facilities (AHC Experience), tenant improvements, site development and infrastructure, ground up and turnkey facilities, churches, and community projects.


We specializing in planning, designing, consulting, and construction
of virtually any type of commercial and residential projects.



What are General Contracting Services? 

General contracting services are home construction and improvement services that cater to all aspects of a residential project including, plumbing, roofing, ordering supplies, home remodeling and renovation, electrical, HVAC, and building design, just to mention a few. Perhaps you want to embark on a residential construction project or a home remodeling and repairs project in Weston, you will need the services of a reliable and professional Weston general contractor to assist you with everything required to make the project a success. 

Understanding the Role of a General Contracting Company

A general contracting company is a professional construction firm whose responsibility is to handle the day-to-day supervising and management of every aspect of a home construction project, making sure the project is executed appropriately. Also, a general construction contractor serves as a medium bridging the gap between residential projects and homeowners by providing regular reports or updates regarding the progress of the project. The residential general contractor is also in charge of hiring subcontractors such as plumbers, electricians, builders, and many others, ensuring that they carry out their assignments diligently and to your taste. 

How to Choose the Right General Contracting Company in Weston, Florida 

Knowing the role of a residential or commercial general contractors is not as important as choosing the right general contracting company for your project. When you want to embark on a home construction or renovation project in Weston, it is in your best interest to hire the right general construction contractor Weston to oversee your project. How would you identify the right Florida remodeling company in Weston to choose for your project? Here are the few but important attributes to sort after when choosing a general contracting service in Weston, Florida. 

  1. Experience and Expertise

Knowing and considering the years of experience of a contractor providing your required home construction or remodeling services in Weston is important. An experienced Weston contractor would have the right expertise to execute your residential project to your utmost satisfaction. 

  1. Get Recommendation

Recommendations from friends and families are still one of the best ways to get the right general contracting company for your project. Seek help from your friends for reliable contractors they’ve used in the past but make sure the contractor executed similar a project for who you’re getting the recommendation from. Reputable and reliable general contractors tend to get great recommendations. 

  1. Check Reviews and Feedback

Perhaps the easiest way to determine if a Florida remodeling company in Weston is good for your project or not. Reviews and feedback about a company or general contracting services provider can be gotten from their websites or other relevant pages. The one with a substantial number of great feedback from previous clients would be good for your project. 

  1. Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

The general contractor Weston you select for your project must be bonded, insured, and licensed to work in Florida. Don’t hesitate to request the license of the Florida construction company you want to trust with your project. 

  1. Check Samples of Previous Projects 

Checking the previous projects executed by a general contracting company could also give you an insight regarding the competency level of the contractor and the quality of services offered. Request samples from contractors but make sure to choose the one that did a similar project to yours in a way that suits your taste. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right residential general contractor services for your Weston home project is essential. A Florida construction company like Souffront Construction and Engineering will put a smile on your face. 

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