What are Structural Design Plans?

The structural design plan is the act of understanding and creating an envisaged framework of a building project. Whether your project involves just a minor home remodeling or major construction, having a structural plan designed for the project is essential. A detailed structural design plan serves as a guide to help contractors foresee all the services necessary for the successful completion of a project, and it also saves costs for the project owner.

Who are in need of our services?

Souffront Construction and Engineering Company provides comprehensive structural design plan services to contractors, building developers, and owners. Regardless of the complexity of your building structure, our structural engineers who have a vast knowledge of structural designs will deliver the most accurate building plan for your project. Our experienced structural design planners would use their expertise to make your project easy and increase construction efficiency. From foundation design to roofs, beams, columns, slabs, and structural load calculation, we will offer adequate design solutions.

Our Services Include:

Residential and Commercial Structural Design

Structure Computer Modeling

Wind and Seismic Loads Design

Building Design (Steel, Aluminum, Reinforced Concrete, Wood)

Steel Structural Design

Floor Design PT or RC “Slab and Beams”

Building Parking Design

Structural Design Calculations

Lateral Analysis and Design

Shear Wall and Column Design

Foundation Design (Mat Foundation PT OR RC, Slab on Grade PT OR RC, Pile Foundation)

Structural Reinforcement and Enhancement of Historical Building

Supports and Lifts

Sea Walls and Retaining Walls

Fast Bidding

A team member from our office will quickly generate a detailed proposal and send it via email.

Systematic Approach

Ensures a highly positive customer experience.

Accurate Deadlines

After your structural design plans are completed, we will provide a digital copy of your plans.

Types of Structures

At Souffront Construction and Engineering, we specialize in structural design plans across various aspects including but not limited to:





Industrial Buildings


Why Souffront Construction and Engineering for Structural Design Plans?

Souffront provides comprehensive structural design and planning services to contractors, homeowners, and developers. If you want a detailed structural design plan from the best brains in the industry, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Souffront Construction and Engineering today.

We provide our services to the following counties:
Miami Dade, Broward County,  and West Palm Beach  

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