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What Does A Residential General Contractor Do?

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John Souffront
Last Updated - December 6th, 2022 3:21 AM

To have your dream home built, you will need the services of a residential general contractor. This person is accountable for ensuring that all daily tasks are completed successfully, including checking work for errors and meeting all deadlines. In addition, the general contractor is responsible for coordinating with and meeting with other construction specialists such as engineers, architects, interior designers, and so on. Every building project needs a reliable general contractor.

Many people hire a residential general contractor without really knowing what they do. In this blog post, we will explain what a general residential contractor does, the benefits of hiring one, tips to hire the right professional, and what you can expect from them. By the end of this post, you should have a good understanding of these contractors and how they can help you with your residential project.

Who is a Residential General Contractor?

A residential general contractor is a professional who manages a home’s construction, remodeling, or addition. They work with subcontractors to ensure the job is completed on time and within budget. In some cases, they may also be involved in the design process.

Licensing requirements vary by state, but most require that contractors be licensed. This allows them to meet safety and quality standards required by the state where they work.

When selecting such a professional, it is crucial to consider their experience and qualifications.

hiring a general contractor

What Does A Residential General Contractor Do?

A residential general contractor is a professional who manages and coordinates all aspects of a construction project. They are responsible for hiring, supervising, and coordinating subcontractors; ordering materials; making sure the job is completed on time and within budget. This means that general residential contractor usually work on home renovations, additions, or new construction projects.

Homeowners may hire them to manage their renovation or construction project from start to finish, or they may choose to hire individual contractors for each task. However, managing an entire renovation or construction project can be much more complex than managing the tasks of individual contractors. That’s why it pays to have a reputable residential general contractor on your team!

An excellent residential general contractor will have years of experience in their field and will be well-versed in all aspects of remodeling or constructing a home. They should also have a team of experienced professionals capable of completing each task on schedule and within budget. For example, to find a good residential general contractor, look for firms with high ratings on Google, Yelp or other contractor review sites, or ask friends or family who have used them in the past.

The Benefits of Hiring a Residential General Contractor

Hiring a residential general contractor can be a great way to save money, have schedule flexibility, and ensure quality work.

  • First and foremost, you will be able to save money. A good general contractor can work with you to schedule the job so that it is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible while still meeting your specifications.
  • Additionally, they will be able to subcontract certain tasks if needed to keep costs down. This can often result in significant cost savings over trying to do the work yourself or working with small contractors.
  • Another great benefit of hiring a general contractor is that you will have full control over the project from start to finish. This means you can adjust as needed and ensure that the end product meets your standards.

If you’re looking for someone who will take care of everything for you, then hiring such an individual is the perfect solution for you. But, if working with a general contractor isn’t for you, then there is always the option of doing the work yourself – but this may require more time and effort than simply choosing a qualified professional!

Services Offered by Any Top Residential General Contractor

The following are some of the services that great residential general contractors offer:

Design Build

Professionals aim for a well-curated design-build process when working with you. This method makes it possible to finish construction projects more quickly and with less effort. More well-known advantages of design-build include:

  • Single source responsibility.
  • Early cost establishment.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • A team approach.
  • A reduction in change orders.
  • Enhanced risk management.

Pre-Construction Services

Making well-informed choices from the get-go of a building project is essential to realizing your ideal outcome. To do this, it’s important to have the appropriate budget, timeframe, and schedule in mind from the beginning of every project. Therefore, the general contracting team will help you bring your ideas to reality throughout the planning phase.


Details are given priority in every home improvement job. When it comes to home building, a professional/certified contracting team will value and comprehend the highest standards of quality, including appreciating the level of human engagement required in excellent construction. In most cases, they will build a design to your specifications. The most common residential services among the top general contracting companies include renovation and remodeling.

Construction Management

The best general contractors stand out from the crowd because of the personal investment they make in the success of each project. They use individualized strategies from the planning stages all the way through execution, with the intention of outperforming your expectations. In addition, they would have the personnel and expertise to provide solutions for more extensive or commercial projects as well.


What To Expect When Working With A Residential General Contractor

When working with a residential general contractor, you can expect them to manage the construction project from start to finish. This includes obtaining all the necessary permits, hiring subcontractors, and coordinating with other professionals (engineers, architects, etc.). In most cases, the general contractor will not be involved in the construction work. They will instead focus on ensuring that the project stays on budget and is completed on time.

It is essential to be patient and remember that they may have their methods and procedures. You must also follow the company’s guidelines carefully so the project runs smoothly. If there are any problems, be prepared to deal with them head-on. Make sure to document everything so any future disputes can be quickly resolved.

When working with a residential general contractor, you must also have a clear vision of what you want the finished product to look like. It will ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to ensure the project meets your expectations. In addition, you must be willing to change your plan to meet the deadline or budget constraints. Finally, be aware of potential risks associated with using this type of contractor and take appropriate precautions before finalizing anything.

The Importance Of Communication With Your Residential General Contractor

When it comes to a home renovation or construction project, communication is key. A professional residential general contractor will keep you updated on the progress of your project. This way, you know what is happening and what needs to be done. They will also be available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. For example, having a good relationship with your contractor can help ensure a smooth and stress-free experience during your home renovation or construction project.

When talking to your contractor, it is paramount to be clear and concise. This way, they can understand what you are requesting and communicate with you accordingly. It is also essential to be patient during a home renovation or construction project; things may sometimes go differently than planned. However, you can overcome challenges by keeping communication open and staying positive.

Tips For Choosing The Right Residential General Contractor

When choosing a residential general contractor, getting as many recommendations as possible is meaningful. For example, you may talk to friends, family, and neighbors who have recently remodeled their homes. Additionally, it is important to interview at least three different contractors before making a final decision. You must also ensure the contractor is appropriately licensed and insured.

One of the most significant benefits of hiring such contractors is their familiarity with your specific project vision. For example, if you need clarification on what you want your home renovation project to look like, a general contractor can help guide you in this direction.

You should be clear about your expectations from the beginning. Ask the contractor questions that will help you better understand their work. For example, ask how much experience they have with the specific type of project you are working on. Additionally, it’s a must to specify the communication you want between yourself and the contractor. For example, do you want updates sent directly to your inbox? Or would you instead receive email alerts once there is an update regarding the project?

Finally, when selecting a contractor, make sure to take into account their references. Ask previous clients if they were satisfied with the service provided by the contractor. If not, find out why and whether or not they would recommend them to others.


To Sum Up

This was all about the importance of having the support of a residential general contractor by your side. By the time you read this, you must have clearly understood the role of a general contractor, the benefits of having one, the tips to hire the right person, and the kind of communication and expectation you must have with these professionals.

If you are looking for a certified and experienced general contractor for your residential needs, Souffront Construction and Engineering can be your best buddy. With over a decade of experience in general contracting services, 40-year recertification, and structural inspection, our team comprises certified general contractors, level II-certified IR thermographers, 40 year recertification specialists, and other professionals. In addition, we provide end-to-end construction solutions keeping our client’s needs at the forefront.

In our 30-minute no-obligation consultation service, we help you build a proper roadmap of the process we will follow to comply successfully with your needs. So, hop on a call with our client support team today to learn more about us and our services.

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